Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Paris, je t'aime aussi

I know, so many others said that before me...but how could you not say it! I feel like shouting it! And Paris answering me back: "Moi aussi, Cherie. Reste ici chez moi!" ❤❤❤

For someone (me) speaking fluently French, being in Paris for the first time it's like a dream come true. I know so much about France, Paris, french culture & co that being there felt like the place to be. The french je ne sais quoi, the incredible landscape of Nord-Est Coast (Calais), the langue like music to my ears, the charm of Paris are simply irresistible!

I know Paris it's big and touristy and crowded but being there gave me the feeling that it's worth spending a year or two...(Gasp). Luckly it's only 4 and a half hours drive. Hope to come back soon, really soon!