Thursday, 2 August 2012

On finding my voice

Let's run away

I read a great article over on A Cup of Jo yesterday, where the mom and full time blogger, Joanna, speaks about a blogging as a career. I am reading her blog for years and it has always been a great source of inspiration. I mean interesting links, cool people, funny stories, cute babies, the latest trends in fashion, beauty, design and the list could go on. She has all my appreciation and admiration for what she does, for begging successful, for delivering a great content and of course for sharing her experiences with us.

Here is Joanna's advice for growing a blog. I copied it in bold below and wrote some notes to myself and to whomever landed here by chance.

People will like reading your blog—and you'll enjoy writing it—if you're true to yourself and your posts come from the heart. When you write a post, imagine your mom or best friend reading it. Does it sound like your voice?
No it's not exactly my voice as English is not my mother tongue. I am Romanian, start learning English when I was 12 (never had a passion for it) but I always loved Latin languages. I am fluent in French, perfectly understand Spanish and Italian. And above all, two years ago I moved to Germany and start learning German from zero. No wonder I am sometimes confused :)

Does the topic fascinate or inspire you?
Yes, of course. I am deeply interested in the things I share, or better said, I want to share. I want the blog to be a place of reflection, where I put down the thinks that go through my mind, where I collect things I like, things I want to remember and also to use it to improved my skills: writing, English, photography, photo editing, to build my self esteem, to let go of some old prejudices and so on...I am writing this very quickly without to much thinking otherwise I wont post it, I know myself .

Is the post clear and enticing and visual?
Visually I could work it out, but for being clear I writing I need more practice, I know :) I remember my friends telling me when I was trying to elaborate whatever "You know we love you, but get to the point!"
And because I am not a native English speaker, I had to look up enticing(there's no shame, learning is a lifelong experience). Mirriam nicely explained the meaning: to attract artfully or by arousing hope or desire. This is really something I should think about more often. Why others should read my blog? For now it's not an interactive experience for me (I put the questions, I answer). It's more having my own, little corner on the internet :) If there's some here just say hello. I would be happy to hear from you.

Do you have a point of view that's different from other bloggers? Write about what you love. I wrote a short interview about blogging here. As I've said before, I think everyone has an amazing blog inside them, or a story to tell, and I really encourage people to go for it. If you're starting out, best of luck! :)
Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo

You can find the entire article here. I know for sure I will come over and over back to it. Thank you, Joanna