Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday walk #1 Belgium

I never make big resolution on New Year's Eve only say out loud some wishes, like: I wished we go out in nature more, I wished we move out (ok - this is a big one but I'm sure it will happen this year), buy more flowers, eat less cheese...this kind of stuff.

So, one of my wishes is to go outdoor more. We both like nature, hiking, walking, discovering new places. The first destination this year was in Belgium. Ohhh...I love Belgium!!! Not only because they speak French but also for the beer (one of our must go destinations in Belgium are the supermarkets :) and the must do is bring home some stocks. I don't drink much alcohol, but when I do I go for something special and the fruty Belgian beer in champagne like bottle is my thing. In bars the beer is served in the most beautiful glasses ever...


Besides that we made tour in a beautiful reservation then headed to the lovely little town Tongeren - the oldest town in Belgium, had a beer in an local old-fashion brewery, snapped some pictures...and left with the feeling that we'll be coming back :)