Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter Reloaded


This is the last post about Easter, I promise. As I am Romanian, my family and friends back home are celebrating Easter tomorrow and via Facebook I get slowly back into the mood. I am not that religious and for me Easter meant more new clothes from the Bunny, spring holidays and mandatory colored eggs.

Another old tradition from Transylvania is the "the sprinkle" (it's so funny, I don't even know how to translate in English). In rural communities on the second day of Easter the youngsters went through the village to sprinkle with water the women in the family and the girls they liked, offering their best wishes. The water was used as a sign of fertility and abundance. The boys received traditional Easter food (lamb, cakes) and of course colored eggs and strong drinks.

Nowadays it's used perfume instead of water and if you received on of the visitors you will have luck all year round. I liked it so much as a teenager because everyone was allowed to stay out late :)

And with this the Easter fever is over.